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Our objective is to serve the rural community of southeast Nebraska with the most efficient Agronomy, Grain Merchandising, Energy, and Feed products and services available. Please contact us by email or by phone at 800-827-0319 with any questions about availability of service or visit our Locations page to see how to reach any of our 26 locations.

Effective Friday 11/13/15 we will allow beans to go into open store again.

Please Feel Welcome to Share! We invite you to share any of your 2015 Harvest photos with us or short videos via our Facebook page! Here are a few we have recieved so far:


Enjoy audio podcasts from MFC to you!
Listen to updates, insight, and management strategy from your mobile device by uploading the Soundcloud app and searching for Midwest Farmers Coop. Add us to your library for updated podcasts from various staff members and industry experts. 

The NEW Edition of Midwest Farmers Cooperative's Pathway Newsletter is available!
Click below to view a digital version of this quarter's newsletter. 

MFC is seeking talented employees to fill great positions! 

MFC Field Agronomists are responsible for communicating valuable information to our patrons. In the above photo, Sean Petersen, of Nebrasaka City, discusses soybean management strategy with producers at Pathway Farm. To join our team of talented Agronomists or apply for other opportunities at Midwest Farmers Cooperative, please CLICK HERE or visit our Careers page from the above menu. 

Please be safe this fall!
Lee Paulsen was inteviewed as part of this story from KMTV on a grain engulfment resuce near Lousiville. Midwest Farmers Cooperative donated the rescue tube used in the extraction and Lee shares his thoughts on the situation. We are extremely happy everyone is expected to recover and glad to serve the farmers of Southeast Nebraska!


Listen to CEO Dale Piper discuss the Rail Shuttle Facility with Rural Radio Network's Chad Moyer at today's Groundbreaking: 


For Construction Project Updates including progress reports on the Syracuse Rail Shuttle Facility please visit our Development page by clicking the above tab, or THIS LINK.  We will be updating information, photos and video, and keeping you informed about the various infrastructure projects happening around the company. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook by clicking on the feed below. 

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